KCFV 2013 Grogg Award Announced

Mike Cave 2013 Grogg Award Winner. All Photos by Bradley J. Rayford.

STLCC FLO Valley Student Newspaper and KCFV Radio, June 2013.

Recently, the Flo Valley student radio station, KCFV 89.5 The Wave, announced the 2013 winner of The Phillip H. Grogg Award at a ceremony held at the Terry M. Fischer Theatre.

KCFV annually recognizes one individual for outstanding leadership and dedication. Students involved with the radio program nominate a fellow station member they feel embodies what the Grogg Award is all about.





Grogg Trophy
Grogg Trophy

This year’s winner is Mike Cave, an STLCC Mass Communications student, who joins the 31 previous Grogg winners by receiving a golden microphone trophy, $500 scholarship and his name immortalized on a permanent wall plaque displayed at KCFV.

The Award was established in memory of Phillip H. Grogg in 1983. Grogg tragically died from injuries obtained in an automobile accident in the fall of the previous year. A former KCFV student

Norma Grogg and Mike Cave
Norma Grogg and Mike Cave

manager, Grogg exemplified dedication to his job and a love of broadcasting. Grogg’s mother, Norma, found un-cashed

KCFV paychecks in her son’s belongings and decided to return them to Flo Valley President Dr. David Harris to purchase something for the radio station.

Instead, Harris decided to set-up the first award in STLCC’s history to be named after a student. The Grogg Award “recognizes an outstanding student who demonstrates excellence in the areas of broadcasting skills and leadership.”

The KCFV Faculty Advisor and Broadcast Program Director Steve Bai and General Manager Paul Huddleston select three finalists from the nominee list and then during the ceremony announcing the winner. Each runner-up receives a plaque and a $100 scholarship. The two students named as a finalist, along with Cave, were Heather Perez, National Broadcast Society president and social media and promotions student manager and Isaiah Jackson-Post, KCFV news director and National Broadcast Society treasurer.

Bai announced Cave as this years Grogg Award recipient and upon hearing his name called he immediately recognized both of his fellow nominees with a handshake and then took the podium.

Cave offered thanks to the attending Grogg family for their continued support of the program and to STLCC and KCFV, as well as, Steve Bai, Paul Huddleston, and former Station Manager Tim Gorry. He says he had no idea of where he was going when he started at STLCC, but in his first-semester Intro to Broadcasting class taught by Bai, and after meeting Gorry, he found what he wanted to do and where he wanted to be.

He acknowledged all the students and personalities that make-up KCFV and gave a shout-out to Barry Yoakum, former Grogg winner and KCFV veteran DJ, for putting him on-air for the first time and showing him the ropes. Cave is known on-air as “Big Mike” maybe because he stands well over six feet in height and commands the airwaves with an intense and booming voice that cannot be mistaken while listening to his radio shows or visiting with him.

Cave is no stranger to balancing family, school and work. He is the father of 8-year old Lillian and recently welcomed a new baby boy to the family, Alexander. Cave also conveyed his thanks to his fiancée, Elizabeth, for her support through everything.

Cave is well on his way to realizing his dream of working in radio. He is currently employed as a board operator at Emmis Communications, who own and operate local stations such as, The Point, KSHE 95 and K-Hits.

Professor Steve Soby Bai
Professor Steve Soby Bai

Bai, a nearly three-decade journalist and broadcast news veteran conveyed the importance of KCFV students learning from systems the industry currently utilizes and being a first-class learning lab that works to provide the best broadcast training of any college in the area. He said the future was bright for KCFV and announced the station would undergo installation of a new transmitter and programming system this year. The upgraded systems will ensure that any student participating in the FV Broadcast program will be up-to-date with industry standards.

“I believe everyone on the [KCFV alumni] list and everyone in the room believes that KCFV is a special place. Because they defined their future within the walls of the radio station,” Bai said. “I do believe we change hearts and minds and we expand minds and change lives every day.”



Published: STLCC FLO Valley Student Newspaper The Forum and KCFV Social Media, June 2013.

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